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Poet Nataiie Diaz interviews Carol about the body politic and the responsibility of writers in the world today.

Video of Carol and fellow Armenian authors Eric Bogosian, Aline Ohanesian, Jen Siraganian, Serge Bakalian, David Hovan, Sona Avakian and emcee Katherine Taylor

Listen in as Carol talks about novel-writing, publishing, and the definition of grace with the Very Rev Dr. Malcolm Clemens Young.

Carol Edgarian's lush and elegant second novel introduces us to Lena Rusch and Charlie Pepper, a 40-something married couple dealing with the rigors of parenting and entrepreneurship amid economic turmoil. They are "as ordinary as any two people wanting more...."

Carol Edgarian’s turbulent, furiously compelling second novel deals with the complicated lives of a San Francisco couple....


“The Best and the Brightest—Good People Make All the Right Moves. And still, things fall apart.” 


Surely you know Lena Rusch and Charlie Pepper: They’re the seemingly perfect 40-ish Bay Area couple, the ones with the nice house, the cute kid, the interesting careers—and the fun sex life, thanks to the “bells and whistles: we’re told Charlie provides in bed.  Lena and Charlie are so familiar, so knowable, that it’s sometimes hard to remember they’re fictional characters at the center of a lovely, resonant novel, Three Stages of Amazement (Scribner), by Narrative magazine editor Carol Edgarian.  So guess what? The Rusch-Pepper union turns out to be not so perfect after all, but not for any big, topical reason—okay, Charlie, a doctor, is having trouble getting funding for his latest medical invention and Lena has lately been hearing form her dashing, successful ex-boyfriend—but because, well, marriage, and life, are just plain complicated.  Edgarian’s plot—about Lena’s rich old venture capitalist uncle out to interfere with (or is it to help?) Charlie’s business—is unique; but everything else in this story (the way long-married people talk, the conflicted emotions we have for family) feels universal.  Not to mention generous and graceful and true. 
—SARA NELSON, O Magazine, March 2011